Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cookie Remake and Packaging...

Most years I am pretty prepared...I have thought out and planned my holiday baking, right down to the shopping list.  This year I find myself behind...I haven't wrapped...I still have a quilt to sew for a gift...my stockings are not hung because I am wanting to make new ones and holiday baking for friends and family...no clue of what to do!!!  Then I remembered that over St. Patricks day of this year I gave you the recipe for a chocolate cookie that is made from a cake mix and topped with mint flavored cream cheese frosting. 

They are one of favorite cookies for a number of reasons...
1) They are super simple
 2) They bake up soft (my favorite)
3) Did I mention that they are super simple?? 
You literally only need 8 ingredients and that includes the frosting.  So as the countdown to Christmas continues (1 week by the way) and time is running out...it seemed like an obvious and tasty choice for some quick gift giving.

To keep with the Christmas theme I decided to stick with peppermint.  The combination of chocolate and mint this time of year makes me a very happy mama!!  I dyed the frosting a pink color and topped with Peppermint baking chips...

I found them at Walmart in the holiday baking section.  I prefer them to crushed candy canes because they are soft like a chocolate chip.

The next step was packaging them up and although I like to bake...this is my favorite part.  I love taking a simple cookie and giving them a fun and festive look that is perfect for gift giving...

My supplies again came from thinkgarnish.com.  A little paper filler (from the Dollar Store) and some simple ribbon complete the look.
Sweet packaging-

P.S. To find the recipe go to archives on the right hand side of the blog.  It is under March 2012.  Enjoy.

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