Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the Night before Christmas...

Twas the night before Christmas, when at my humble little home,
Three doggies lie dreaming of a holiday bone...

The trees are all lit, the gifts are wrapped and paid,
stockings are still not hung because mommy never got new ones made...

Kids are with their dad and his family tonight,
but will be here later to wake at mornings first light.

Unwrapping presents will be the first thing we do,
each taking turns and opening a few.

Tater's favorite gift will be breakfast of course,
while Tales will still be wishing that she had gotten a horse.

Sugared bacon and monkey bread will make the house smell so yummy,
fresh fruit and cup of coffee will be dance on our tummy.

With smiles on our faces and memories to make,
A long snowy ride to my parents we will take.

To spend time with friends and family we hold dear,
the true meaning of Christmas will become crystal clear.

A hug for Papa and Mamu are a definite must,
for we love them such BIG BUNCHES we are about to bust.

Playing games with cousins and having such fun,
are just a few of the moments that let you know the holiday has begun.

My sweet Mom & Dad will provide such a delicious spread,
while the thought of dessert will be in each of our heads.

The choices are endless with a family like ours,
I will have a little piece of each pie and a few holiday bars.

The day will end with more hugs and maybe a kiss under the mistletoe,
and the joy of spending time with family will be something we know.

Happy Holiday wishes from Sweet Taters and Tales to you,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Too!!

Sweet poem-

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  1. You are making me homesick...I would love nothing more than to be home for Christmas!!! Make sure to give Papa & Mamu an extra love for me. Love you!!!