Friday, December 21, 2012

Weekly Thought-Week 50

Week 50-Christmas should be in your heart and not under the tree.

I am someone who LOVES to give gifts.  Going out and finding something that I think someone will love and watching them open it on Christmas is the best but as I get older and have more life experiences I realize that as much fun as that may are NOT what Christmas is!! 

Being a single parent on Christmas has given me a couple of different perspectives...first of all you just can't afford what you could on two incomes (now let me clarify that in saying that my kids WILL NOT do without...they are extremely blessed)...secondly you now have to share your most precious people over the holidays and that can be tough because kids are what it is ALL about (I should clarify that by saying that as hard as it is for me to share them...I know that they should get time with each of us & they enjoy it).  What I am trying to point out is that a few years ago Christmas was about buying gifts and although I still love to do that the meaning of Christmas has changed and become more about the time spent with those you love. 

My heart is always with my sweet babies, even when I don't have them but when I do have them I want to make every moment count.  Making memories and keeping traditions is more important then having the perfect gift under the tree.  Sweet life- 

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