Friday, June 28, 2013

Star Table Runner...

For some reason the 4th of July is one of the holidays that I like to decorate my home for.  Here is a look back at one of the fun things that I did last year...

Red, white and black dried beans can make a fun statement when stacked in a clear jar or vase.  In fact this is my most pinned photo on Pinterest. 

Every year I try to add a little something to my decorations.  This year I decided to make a runner for my dining room table.  I wanted it to be simple and rustic but impactful at the same time.

To make it I used burlap (it is a roll from Micheals called "table runner burlap"), a star stencil and craft paint.

I made the star stencil by using a cookie cutter traced on a paper plate.

Then I just cut my burlap to the desired length and began stenciling one color at a time...

I used a paper towel to apply the paint.  I love it when everything is disposable!!

Here is the finished project complete with my little helper Owen.

 I love it on the table with a few blue mason jars filled with flowers and a red berry garland.

I also decorated my mantel in the living room...

A few of my star decorations from around the house, a new lantern and my America sign look great together.

My hutch is the only other place that I decorated...

My home is ready for Independence Day.

Even the entry outside...

But I didn't just make myself a table runner.  I also made one for a lucky reader out there.  Katie McNeley...I will be getting a hold of you later today.  Sweet runner-

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